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Aug 1, 2018

This may be our favorite episode YET! In today’s episode, Mollie and Katie have a delightful conversation with Rosie Walsh, the debut author of the book Ghosted (released last week in the US). Rosie was a joy to speak with: articulate, insightful, and warm - much like the book she wrote. We learn all sorts of things about Rosie’s experience writing Ghosted, we all share the craziest stories of ghosting we’ve ever heard, and we even get to hear a little about Rosie’s next book. We think you’ll find Rosie JUST as delightful as we do! (sidenote: Katie’s microphone stopped working last week, so sound quality is a little spotty in this episode. We’re working on getting it fixed!)


Make sure to pick up a copy of Rosie’s book Ghosted ← follow that link!


Books Mentioned

Whiskey When We’re Dry by John Larison

Fools Errand by Robin Hobb

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah


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